A Case Insensitive Hashtable for .Net

I recently needed a case insensitive hashtable to store various types of values so I created one by wrapping the .Net hashtable. This hashtable works with any “object” type, but when the key is a string the value is not case sensitive. This is useful for:

  • Reading profile settings from multiple sources.
  • Reading XML elements where the attributes are not case sensitive.Here’s a link: CIHash.vbIn composer free nokia ringtones | 24 free ringtones | nextel ringtones | yahoo ringtones free download | 3g for free ringtones | 24 theme ringtones | music ringtones | 3g for free ringtones | free hindi ringtones | cell cingular free phone ringtones | 24 fox ringtones | ringtones converter | download new ringtones free | boost free ringtones | real tone ringtones | make your own free ringtones | yahoo ringtones | free mobile phone ringtones | samsung polyphonic ringtones | christian music ringtones | ???????? ????? ???????? addition to the .Net hashtable methods, I added some new methods.
  • The Overlay method adds one hashtable to another and if a key already exists it’s value is updated.
  • The Swap method (as it’s name implies).
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