Trackers Class – Napa, CA – October 2008

I just came back from Fernando Moreira’s tracker class in Napa held at Camp Coombs in Napa. I took some pictures and they are available at Picasaweb and on YouTube.

Fernando is a first rate tracker, maybe the best tracker working in the U.S. I learned a lot from him and it is really great fun to spend the weekend tracking.

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  1. Stuart Says:

    Hey Mike –

    Looks like good tracking! Dry grass is tough – not exactly like following a coyote through the sand dunes… were you only tracking people, or other animals too?

    Years ago I took one of Tom Brown’s classes, then several of Tim Corcoran’s local classes, then tried to do the Kamana program from Wilderness Awareness School. I realized I’m not a great tracker, and I don’t have the schedule for the dirt time to boost my skills to anything interesting – but I love just being outdoors and knowing more of the plants and trees. Some of the people I met claimed to be able to track a mouse across a gravel driveway…

    Happy trails,

  2. Mike Fitzpatrick Says:

    This is strictly a mantracker class, restricted to Search and Rescue (SAR) volunteers and police officers. I was recruited into SAR about 18 months ago after a 9 month process that included a background check and health test.

    I got interested in tracking when I went to SAREX-2007 in Yosemite. SAREX is an annual training event for SAR volunteers held in various locations in CA and attended by SAR volunteers all over the country. Other regions also have SAREX events. SAREX-2008 was in Donner, SAREX-2009 will be in Yosemite again.

    I was immediately drawn to tracking and I enjoy it very much, for the same reasons that you enjoyed it- being outdoors. I have done this tracking class three times now, plus I have gone to a 4 day tracker’s camp in Reno last June which was a lot of fun. Here are some YouTube vid’s from there:
    Other YouTube vid’s:

    Presently Sonoma SAR ( is recruiting new members. Members are required to commit a minimum 12 hours training per month and get CPR and First Responder certified. If you are interested give me a call at 707-527-0947.

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