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Brainbench “C Fundamentals” Certification

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Brainbench made some of their certification tests free for April 2009 so I took the C Fundamentals test.

Here’s my latest certification: Brainbench C Certification

Brainbench C Fundamentals Icon

Individual Test Results

Completed Test
Name: C Fundamentals
Score: 4.42 Date: 2009-04-08

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Scored higher than 90% of all previous test takers.

Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area.

Compiler Operations
Program Statements
C Expressions
Weak Areas
Debugging and Error Handling

I was ding’ed for debugging and error handling, and I’ll look into that, but the score wasn’t too bad considering I took the test on a whim and without preparation.