A Progressive Viewpoint

Many progressives share views with libertarians:

  • fiscally conservative
  • pragmatic
  • believe in freedom.

But progressives are compassionate and insist on society’s roll in helping those in need. A progressive person would never suggest that fire departments should be privatized and require a subscription to get fire protection.

Here is a list of some of my core beliefs-

  • Medicare for all.
  • Free quality education.
  • Make all drugs and drug use legal with a doctors prescription. Treat drug use like a medical problem, not a legal problem.
  • Legalize non-violent activity between consenting adults.
  • Drastically reduce the military budget. Close overseas bases unless we can partner with another nation at each one for staffing and expenses. Presently the USA spends as much as the next 17 countries combined, and 15 of them are our allies. The USA has 5% of the world population and spends 50% of the money spent in the world on military.
  • A Balanced Budget Amendment (except in times of DECLARED WAR).
  • A fair tax system that is not regressive (like sales tax), but very progressive. Throw out the entire tax code and start over with an income tax with no deductions.
  • The USA should be more concerned about contract law than people’s sex lives. Get the USA out of the sex business. Instead of gay marriage, civil unions for everyone. If you want to get _married_ go to your church and it is between you and the church. If you go to city hall, civil union.
  • Corporations are not people (and shouldn’t pay ANY taxes- only people should pay taxes).
  • Income is income. No type of income is better or worse than any other type of income. It should all be taxed the same way (a progressive rate).
  • Money is NOT speech! (see: http://MoveToAmend.org)


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